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Take payments through a website

Integrate a PayPage into your website.

Using a generic shopping cart? (e.g. ZenCart, Magento, Interpire etc.) take a look at our list of compatible shopping carts. We may already have created a compatible plug-in for you to use.

If you can't find your shopping cart in our list, it please submit an Integration Request form. We can then look into creating a plug-in for you to use.

If you have a bespoke shopping cart, take a look at the Developer Support pages for information on the Cardsave Gateway API, integration methods, and documentation to help you/your developer create a custom integration with your shopping cart.

Cardsave offer various ways to allow you to integrate the payment page with your website.

Integrated PayPage

Simple PayPage

OneClick PayPage
Main Features
Manage transactions through the Cardsave Merchant Management System Yes Yes Yes
Cardsave Supported Plugins for 45+ popular Shopping Carts Yes Yes
Works with bespoke websites and Shopping Carts Yes Yes Yes
Cardsave managed secure PayPage Yes Yes
PayPage integrated into your website Yes No No
Security Features
Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode (3D Secure) Enabled Yes Yes Yes
Cardsave Technical and Integration Support Yes Yes Yes
PCI Level 1 Compliant Payment Gateway Yes Yes Yes
Cardsave branded PayPage Yes Yes
Option to Customise PayPage Yes Yes
Full control over design of your integrated PayPage Yes No No
Authorise and Capture Payments automatically Yes Yes Yes
Take Pre-Auth Only Payments Yes Yes Yes
OneClick buy-it-now functionality No No Yes
Take payment for a basket of items Yes Yes No
Optional Additional Features
Subscriptions / Recurring Payments through your website Yes No No
Cancel Payments through your website Yes No No

Case Studies

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How would you like to take card payments?
"We switched from our high street bank to CardSave, since they were expensive and CardSave’s rates were much lower. Our TSM, was brilliant and very efficient, going through everything with us, so that when we did receive the terminal it was very quick and easy to use."
Lauren - City Barn Pet Boutique
"I first came across CardSave through an internet search. They were the first company to come up in the search engine, which impressed me, and after I compared them to other companies, I chose them to be my card provider because their rates are better.

The TSM that visited me was helpful, and very organised, making the process of switching quicker. The terminal he showed me was straightforward, and easy to use."
Sinan - Bluebells Ltd
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