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Credit Card Machines
for Small Business

Find the best card machine for your small business

Every small business has expenses, some are important while others are just a waste of money. Streamlining all processes is always a good idea, and with CardSave you can lower the cost of accepting card payments.
Card payments are the most popular payment method, and not accepting plastic for business transactions will limit your revenue. Credit card machines for small businesses will increase your revenue streams. With Cardsave, accepting cards does not need to cost an arm and a leg, and getting set up is quick and easy.


Helps keep tabs on earnings
Make managing your small business easier and keep track of all card transactions online with your personal merchant management system. Print off reports, look up past transactions, and keep track of card revenue streams


Encourages window shoppers to become paying customers
Card payments are the most popular way to pay for goods and services. Nothing turns away a potential customer more than not being able to use their preferred payment method. For small businesses, credit card machines encourage customers to spend, on impulse.


Security for each transaction
Identity theft is still a concern people must deal with when transmitting financial information across the World Wide Web. With Cardsave you can have peace of mind that all transactions are supported by streamline, Europe’s most secure card transaction processor. Small businesses and their customers can rest assured that all credit card transactions are processed swiftly and securely.

Use the card machine suited to what your small business needs, whether you are on the road, behind a counter or at the table.

  • Countertop Card Machine
    • For stationary use
    • Connects directly to the phone line
    • Perfect for convenience stores and clothes boutiques
  • Portable Card Machine
    • For use within proximity of a hub
    • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth
    • Perfect for restaurants, pubs, and café’s
  • Mobile Card Machine
    • Use virtually anywhere
    • Connects via 3G, just like a mobile phone
    • Perfect for builders, electricians, and anyone who operates on the go

Operate your business online?
We specialise in providing online businesses with secure, easy to use online payment solutions. See our Ecommerce section or speak to one of our payment specialists to find out how we can help make accepting cards online cost effective.

New to cards?
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Switching provider?
  • Great customer service
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  • Simple and fast to switch
  • 100% uptime over 3 years
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How would you like to take card payments?
"I first came across CardSave through an internet search. They were the first company to come up in the search engine, which impressed me, and after I compared them to other companies, I chose them to be my card provider because their rates are better.

The TSM that visited me was helpful, and very organised, making the process of switching quicker. The terminal he showed me was straightforward, and easy to use."
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