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Cardsave Gateway from Worldpay

Developer Support

Direct/Integrated Integration

The Direct/Integrated method of integration allows the customers card details to be taken directly on the merchant's website. This is the most flexible integration method technically, opening up the communication with the Cardsave gateway. Developers can create complex tasks within the merchant's website including subscription systems, implement recurring billing and provide functionality to refund orders amongst other applications.

This integration method also lends itself to a high level experience for the customer as the payment section is integrated fully into the website. The look and feel of the payment page complies exactly to the website visual specification.

The live environment requires an SSL certificate for PCI compliance, although the gateway can be implemented and tested without a SSL.

The gateway requires outgoing port 4430 TCP to be open on the merchant's server. You will need to talk to the website hosting company if this port is not already open.

Click one of the links below to download one of our working code examples:

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