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The PayByLink facility allows the merchant to create unique, customised payment links to a secure Hosted Payment Page, ideal for sending to customers to request payment for invoices. A single-use link can be pre-set with a fixed amount and reference number, allowing the merchant to create a unique links for each invoice.

A link can also be set to allow multiple payments, providing an easy way for merchants to sell single items from their website (ideal for merchants who do not require the complexity of an online shop). The merchant (or developer) creates the link from within the Merchant Management System, and no code is required to use this method, only the simple link generated needs to be added to a website.

The payment amount can also be controlled. It can be fixed or not specified at all to allow the customer to choose the payment amount, ideal for websites accepting donations from visitors.

The Hosted Payment Page can be skinned to take a look and feel of the main website.

Below is the Hosted Payment Pag skinning pack, which provides help and template examples for a developer to customise.

Hosted Payment Page skinning pack