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General Card FAQs

Answers to common questions merchants ask about card payments and services.

What helps control the risk of taking credit and debit cards?

Chip & PIN is the latest and most secure way to pay with credit or debit cards in the UK.

It combines two effective security features. The first is a chip that stores card data more securely than a magnetic stripe and is therefore much harder to counterfeit (clone) or skim. The second is the four-digit PIN (personal identification number). Instead of using a signature to verify payments, cardholders are now asked to enter their PIN known only to them.

The introduction of Chip & PIN is the most recent major security improvement introduced by the payment industry to reduce the risk of accepting card payments. It is now extremely difficult for fraudsters to use credit and debit cards without knowing the specific four digit PIN retained by the cardholder and linked to that card.

How do credit cards work?

Credit cards allow customers to “buy goods now and pay later” – called “buying on credit”. They aren’t linked to a bank account. Like debit cards they can be used to buy goods in shops, over the telephone and internet, with the same details being required. Customers can also get a “cash advance” by drawing money at bank cash machines.

A bank may offer a credit card, or customers can apply for one at any institution offering one. The credit card provider will normally run checks to see if the customer has had any problems repaying debts in the past before offering one (called a “credit check”).

How do debit cards work?

Debit cards are linked directly to a customer’s bank account. They can be used to buy goods or withdraw cash and the amount is taken from an account right away.

Customers can also use debit cards to get “cashback” from certain shops (buying goods and also asking for money back from the cashier). The total amount is again deducted from the account.

How much does it cost to take cards?

We always try to make our charges and rates competitive – this is reflected right at the start of our relationship in the fact that there are no initial fees for setting up your Cardsave account.

Our pricing is calculated using a number of factors including:

  • The type of business you operate
  • The volume and value of card transactions you will process

Based on the above factors our charges consist of:

  • A monthly Cardsave membership fee to access our range of benefits
  • Low credit and debit card processing charges

Do I have to complete loads of paperwork?

When you have decided to join Cardsave we will complete all the documentation required. This will include your Cardsave Membership Agreement, Streamline Application Form and any other benefits you need. All the details will be submitted on the same day for processing.

How do I start the process of applying to take cards?

We will arrange for one of our professional, fully accredited Territory Managers to visit you at your premises. We will discuss your business needs and requirements for taking card payments and offer a tailored package that suits the needs of your business. Then we’ll explain the procedure involved and assist you every step of the way.

What are the benefits of taking credit and debit cards?

There are a multitude of benefits which can be summarised as follows:

  • Cards are now your customers preferred method of payment
  • New sales opportunities by phone, mail and online
  • More customers can come through your door
  • Increased sales as customers are no longer cash limited
  • Opportunities for impulse buying as browsers become buyers
  • Simple and fast automated banking
  • Improved cash flow as money is in your account promptly
  • No bounced cheques and payments are more secure
  • Less cash handling for staff which can reduce simple mistakes
  • Allows you to accept card payments from commercial customers

How can I reduce card payment costs?

If you’re already processing cards, we can help you find ways for costs to reduce. Card payments are fast becoming the preferred transaction method, over cash. Which means it is vital for companies to provide card processing facilities – both face to face and online.

At Cardsave we work hard to reduce card payment costs, in association with Streamline Merchant Services – the UK’s largest affordable debit and credit card processing service. They handle around half of all UK card transactions – so you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

In fact, we can give you professional, specialist advice which often helps our customers to significantly reduce card payment fees compared to current costs.

How can I improve my card payment services?

At Cardsave we can help your card processing facilities improve. Card payment service solutions, such as Card Machines , eShop in a Box and ePayment in a Box are easy ways to get your card processing needs met, quickly and simply.

Call us today to arrange for one of our professional, fully accredited specialists to visit you and discuss your specific needs.

We can sit down with you and plan a tailored package that suits your precise requirements. And we’ll explain every part of the procedure involved.

By assisting you every step of the way, we can help your card processing improve. Card payment service specialists can advise on the type of solution that’s right for you, which card processing machines you need, whether a a Virtual Terminalwould be helpful and how you can get the most from takingcredit and debit card payments.

I need help choosing the right bank for my card processing

When you’re choosing the right bank for your card processing solutions, it’s important to shop around. A small saving every month can of course make a big difference to your payment rate for the year. Yet you need a service that will benefit your business too.

Choosing the right merchant account is made easy with Cardsave. Working in association with Streamline MerchantServices – the UK’s largest affordable card processing service – we strive to reduce your processing costs, by providing significant savings on processing costs, every month.

Streamline Merchant Services handle around half of the UK’s card transactions. So when you’re choosing the right bank and merchant account, you can be confident you’re in good hands with Cardsave.

How do debit and credit cards work?

In today’s busy world debit and credit cards are fast becoming the preferred payment choice. In fact, since 2006 more payments have been made by card than by cash. This means that every business selling products or services needs to have the facilities to take card payments – both face-to-face and online.

Debit cards are linked directly to the holder’s bank account. When used to purchase goods, or at a hole-in-the-wall, cash is withdrawn from the bank account straight away.

Credit cards mean that the customer is “buying on credit”. Although they aren’t linked to a bank account they can be used in the same way as debit cards.

Credit card providers will generally run checks before offering a customer a card – to see if the customer has had problems repaying debts in the past (called a credit check).

If you’re planning on setting up an ecommerce business, you may find that credit cards are a dominant method of payment. Customers often choose to pay by credit card as many of the providing companies offer excellent fraud protection on internet transactions – so your customers can feel more secure when shopping online.