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Card Machines FAQs

Answers to common questions merchants ask about card payments and services regarding card machines.

What do I need to start taking credit and debit cards?

You need 3 things to take card payments from your customers:

  1. A merchant account
  2. A current business bank account
  3. A credit card machine to facilitate payments

The good news is Cardsave can handle this whole process for you.

How do credit and debit card payments compare to cash?

In today’s market, accepting credit and debit cards is the preferred method of payment. Since December 2004 total combined credit and debit card spending overtook total cash spending for the first time. In 2009 it is forecast that debit card spending alone will outstrip cash spending for the first time. Spending on cards is therefore increasing at a much faster rate than both cash and cheques, which confirms the need to start taking card payments to maximise your potential business success.

Will my business really benefit from taking credit and debit cards?

Yes. It’s a fact: using cards to make payments is the No1 choice for the majority of your existing and potential customers.

Most consumers and businesses simply expect to be able to use cards to pay for their goods and services. Taking card payments means you can benefit from the total payment market opportunity, rather than just restricting your business to the amount of cash that your customer’s have in their pocket.