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Cardsave Gateway from Worldpay

Developer Support

Cardsave Developers

The Cardsave Payment Gateway offers a secure, reliable platform for merchants to take payments online. This site gives access to code for various languages, API documentation, online technical help and much more.

Cardsave is authorised by a number of banks to offer competitive acquiring rates under a Buy Group type relationship. We group many merchants volume together allowing individual Merchants to qualify for rates they would not be able to achieve on their own.

The Cardsave solution has a comprehensive Merchant Management System that includes a virtual terminal and transaction reporting. The merchant management system shows off functionality available through the API, with features like recurring billing, scheduled transactions and pay-by-link.

Integration types

There are four ways to integrate the Cardsave payment gateway into a website. Comparison table is below.

Compare Integration Methods

Direct Redirect Transparent Pay-by-Link
Merchant Management System
Instant Test Account for Developers
Programming and Development
Extensive API Documentation
Fully Working Example Code Available in Various Languages
Full Access to the Gateway through the API
Ability to Code - Subscription Based Payment System
Ability to Code - Payment Cancellations
Ability to Code – Take Pre-auth Payments
Ability to Code - Authorise Pre-auth Transactions
Full control of Skinning of the Payment Page
Skin the Hosted Payment Page
Simple Link - Single Item Payment Page Link
Simple Link - Donation Button Payment Page Link
Mail Request for Payment
Security Features
3D Secure Enabled
Restricted Outward Communication through TCP Port 4430
SSL Required
Gateway Fall Over Architecture