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E-Commerce FAQs

Answers to common questions merchants ask about card payments and services regarding ECommerce.

My website was never designed to accept card payments online. Can I adapt it now?

Whether you have a basic website or you’ve spent time designing one, you’ll be able to accept card payments online easily. In fact there are only three things you need to be able to take cards online:

  1. A merchant account – this is an account specially set up to process card transactions
  2. A current business bank account
  3. A credit card machine , Virtual Terminal or online PayPageto facilitate payments

The great news is that we can help you accept online payment from debit and credit cards on your website. We have two options available to you:

  • Start from scratch with our easy to use eShop in a Box . In five easy steps you’ll have a fresh new website and will be able to accept cards online as well as with PayPal.
  • Opt for ePayment in a Box to use your current website design. Connect our PayPage to your website so you can accept card payments online quickly and easily.

I want to start selling online. How can I start an ecommerce business?

If you want to start selling online we have two great options to get you on track: Cardsave’s eShop in a Box or ePayment in a Box.

I don’t have a website – eShop in a Box
In five easy steps you can:

  • Create a website design
  • Add your products and pictures
  • Enter information about your business
  • Start online sales with PayPal and credit and debit card payments

You can get even more customisable features with the Premiumor Professional solutions too.

I do have a website – ePayment in a Box

To get your ecommerce site up and running, pick from our Simple, Professional and Virtual Terminal ePayment solutions . You can start selling online easily with either a connection to our PayPage , a fully integrated and branded payment solution or a Virtual Terminal that will enable you to take payments securely from your computer, laptop, or mobile phone device.

How can I increase revenue with online credit and debit card sales?

Every ecommerce retailer hopes to increase revenue through a website – but there’s more to it than simply adding a shopping cart.

It’s thought that around 50% of online shoppers will abandon a purchase if their preferred method of payment is unavailable. Consequently, to help increase revenue through sales, it is imperative that you can offer a range of payment options for your products and services.

To help you increase online revenue, Cardsave provides several payment methods – including PayPal and debit and credit cardpayments, which accept a vast number of cards. Our external and integrated PayPages are also secure, reassuring your customers that your website is a safe place to shop.

How do I attract more visitors to my website?

By using marketing tools you can attract more visitors to your website and turn them into paying customers.

The Cardsave eShop in a Box Premium solution incorporates enhanced marketing features to help you attract more online visitors:

  • Email marketing – send emails to anyone on your mailing list in a number of designs
  • Banner adverts – add banner ads to your website or link to Google Adsense and earn extra money from visitors
  • Customer reviews – your customers can leave comments on your website (moderated by you), allowing future customers to get an insight into your business and services

ePayment in a Box has all these features to attract more visitors to your website, but will also help you keep more customers. The integrated PayPage feature will remove the risk of losing customers when they are redirected to an external PayPage.

Is there an easy way to take cards online without building a whole new website?

Yes. Once you have a good website template and design, you can integrate card processing easily.

With Cardsave’s ePayment in a Box there are two ways to get an online shop up and running:

  • Use our Simple PayPage – connect our page to your website for easy online payments
  • Add a Professional PayPage to your website – a simple and branded online payment solution can be added to your website to give your business that professional feel

My website has a shopping cart, but how do I start trading?

To start trading online you will need an Internet MerchantAccount (IMA). These are easy to arrange and take just a few days to set up – though it will take longer if you decide to do it through your bank.

You will also need a form of PayPage , so you can accept debit and credit card payments securely online.

With Cardsave’s ePayment in a Box solution you will get an Internet Merchant Account as part of the package – whether you choose our Simple PayPage or our Professional PayPage .

What is an IMA?

An Internet Merchant Account (also IMA) enables card payments to be converted into cash in your bank.

If you’re starting an ecommerce business you will need an IMA to be able to accept debit and credit card payments.

IMAs can be set up easily and come as standard with many ofCardsave’s ecommerce solutions .

I don’t want to be the victim of fraud How can I have a secure website?

A massive worry for today’s online shoppers is security. Online payment fraud is reported to cost retailers around £535 million each year. By collecting sensitive customer data the fraudsters are targeting unsuspecting e-tailers, posing as legitimate customers.

To put an end to this fraudulent behaviour, credit cardcompanies have introduced the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

All of Cardsave’s solutions are PCI DSS compliant – so we not only deliver you comprehensive solutions, but also peace of mind that every transaction you process via Cardsave is 100% secure.

The other benefit of course is that your customers can see that they are making a payment to a company that’s using the latest, most secure technology. So they can feel confident in purchasing your products or services.

What is a PayPage?

A PayPage is a specific page on your website (or connected to your site) that enables customers to buy your products or services.

On a PayPage the customer enters their card and payment details. The page then authorises these details and processes their transaction.

As all of the Cardsave PayPage solutions are fully PCI DSScompliant, you and your customers can be sure that the transactions on your site will run smoothly.