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Mail & Telephone FAQs

Answers to common questions merchants ask about card payments and services regarding Mail & Telephone transactions.

How do I start taking debit and credit card payments by phone and mail?

It's easy to start taking card payments over the phone or by mail. You just need three things:

  1. A merchant account – an account set up to process card transactions
  2. A current business bank account
  3. A credit card machine or a Virtual Terminal – to facilitate payments

With the Cardsave ePayment in a Box solution, you'll find it easy to take card payments by phone and mail. You can talk to our specialists to determine which solution will suit your business:

  • Countertop – we have some of the most powerful, flexible, reliable and cost effective card processing terminals on the market
  • Portable – our ultimate wireless "pay-at-table" processing terminals are ideal for hospitality and other at table payment services
  • Mobile – if you need to take Chip & PIN payments when you're out and about our mobile machines will take payments virtually anywhere
  • Virtual Terminal – with a Virtual Terminal you can process card payments any place, anytime, anywhere; all you need is an internet connection on a PC, laptop or notebook

What is a Virtual Terminal?

Put simply, a Virtual Terminal is an online version of a Chip & PIN machine. It's an easy way to take debit or credit cardpayments by phone, mail or fax – all you need is access to an internet connection, via your PC, laptop or notebook.

Virtual Terminal are one of the simplest options for card processing, mainly because they can by accessed by multiple users – using login and password. They can significantly improve income streams as they enable transactions whether thecardholder is in the vicinity or not.

The Cardsave Virtual Terminal is a simple, cost-effective way to take card payments any time, any place, anywhere – basically wherever you can connect to the internet.